Hair protein correction (AILOTING)

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  • Protein filling hair correction is to use ultra-high temperature technology to introduce protein into the hair, and fill the holes formed by damage in the hair, increase the toughness and elasticity of the hair, and close the hair scales tightly, showing a luster on the surface of the hair. sense.
  • When the protein in the hair encounters high temperature, it will become liquid. With the tension and shaping of the electric splint, the liquid protein will be arranged according to the shape of the electric splint. When the hair is cooled, the liquid protein will be in the straight hair. When it returns to a solid state, the hair will temporarily become straight and smooth.
  • The corrected hair after protein filling is straighter, smoother and smoother than ion iron straightening, and the hair is more textured. Because alkaline perm water is not used, even extremely damaged hair can be straightened with texture and sag.
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