LEADWAY ammonia-free hydrogen peroxide milk-10V

Non-ammonia, fresh fragrance, non-irritating hydrogen peroxide-1 gallon/$12

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About hydrogen peroxide:

The main oxidation effect of hydrogen peroxide is used with hair color cream and bleaching powder/bleaching powder. The use range of different degrees is different. 10V, 20V, 30V, and 40V are only numerical codes for degrees, and do not mean that you can use a few degrees It can raise hair to several shades.

10V: Suitable for matching with the same degree of dyeing, covering white hair, covering dark colors, tide colors (with fade powder to fade)-use when dyeing dark colors from light colors.

20V: Suitable for matching with natural black, brown-black, white hair and other dark hair dye creams-covering white hair, but the same level or 1-2 degrees lighter.

30V: Suitable for matching with chestnut brown, golden brown, golden copper, burgundy, brilliant red, brilliant purple and other color hair dye creams-light 2-3 degrees.

40V: It is suitable for making golden, linen, light golden, brilliant red, highlighting, bright color hair dye based on new hair, (40V do not mix with fading powder to fade)-light 3-4 degrees. Dyeing color: need hydrogen peroxide + hair cream Fading/bleaching hair: need hydrogen peroxide + fading powder

Product name: non-ammonia hydrogen peroxide milk

Net weight: 1 gallon


 For bleaching/fading, please choose 10V or 20V hydrogen peroxide. Although the fading is slower, it can reduce the damage to the hair. If it is not in place, it can be faded 1-2 times.

Please store this product out of the reach of children.

please wear gloves to operate, do an allergy test before use, pregnant women please use it carefully!

Please do not place it in a high temperature place.

Avoid contact with eyes. If the product touches eyes accidentally, please wash with water immediately.

Instructions: The ratio of dye cream to hydrogen peroxide milk is 1:1, 1 part + 2 parts hydrogen peroxide can bleach 2-3 degrees, and 1 part bleaching powder + 2 parts 40V hydrogen peroxide can bleach 4 degrees.

Features: Used with dye cream and bleaching powder, it can meet the requirements of different levels of hair dyeing. The product has strong stability, safety, mildness and no irritation. It is beneficial to open the hair scales, accelerate the pigment entering the hair and promote oxidation, strengthen the dyeing effect without causing damage to hair cells Makes hair healthy and shiny, and is a good companion for professional hair dyeing.

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