Takara Rollerball F Hair Processor On Wheels



Its hard to believe that a hair processor that is so slim and light is so powerful and fast. With the addition of the Rollerball F Processor salon equipment, perming solutions curl hair quicker, and the color penetrates hair faster and more consistently.

What makes the Takara Rollerball F Hair Processor on Wheels so different than other hair processors? The distinction begins with the unique and highly efficient carbon element that is used in the far-infrared processor. Takara Belmont’s carbon element gets to the heat settings faster than standard processors’ ceramic heating elements. The Rollerball F has a spinning ring, with three different energy levels. Depending on the location of the hair (top, sides, nape of neck) and the energy levels, the Rollerball Processor allows you to turn it on or off depending on the hair treatment needs.

An additional advantage, if you use one of the 3 programmed settings, it has a temperature sensor and alarm to maintain the heat and head positioning. The control panel and glowing light shows temperature changes, which makes it easy to use. It is also available as Wall Mounted (Item # H288).  Takara Belmont, an industry leader in salon equipment, includes a 6 months warranty. The combination of the Takara Rollerball F Hair Processor On Wheels’ design, speed and effectiveness make it worth every penny!


  • Slim and lightweight design, uses a gas cylinder system to change the height on pole
  • Processor and stand with four wheels
  • Control panel and unit are easy to control from the backside
  • Utilizes a highly efficient carbon element and rotating ring
  • Reaches the selected output setting faster than standard ceramic processors
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Changes in temperature seen with different color lights on ring
  • Processing element divided into three different energy levels by location
  • Distributes the process to the specific areas needed
  • The infrared thermal sensor detects the temperature on the scalp and triggers an error alarm or turns off.


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