Mask powder (wild algae mask)

Wild Small Seaweed Mask Seaweed Mask Collagen Moisturizing Shrinks Pores


  • Efficacy: moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening skin tone Suitable for skin
  • Type: any skin type
  • How to use: Pour some in a container, add water or pure dew (you can add honey, vinegar or milk) into it, the seeds will soak several times in size, and then smash them with your hands a few times like a dough, and you will Just like picking dough, pinch out a small piece and spread it out, stick it to the forehead, cheek, nose, etc., and open it after half an hour, and after the seaweed is finished, you can take off the whole piece. At this time, the mask is still Soft, watery, and won’t cause any strain on the skin. . (If you feel that the mask is slippery and keeps falling down and cannot stick, it is because: add too much water, just squeeze some water out.) This kind of seaweed can absorb 7 times of water. It is recommended to add more water for the first time. 5 times 6 times the water, because too much water is easy to slide down ●The simple identification method is that when the real Thai seaweed is finished, the face can be taken off in one piece, and when adjusting the seaweed, the hands will not stick to sticky glue. After adjusting the seaweed, the hands are still very clean. feel sticky

Reference method:

1. Water ratio – 1 tablespoon of seaweed and 4 tablespoons of water. Remember to add lukewarm water (about 45-60 degrees). In summer, you can use cold water or add some milk, honey, aloe vera juice, hydrosol, etc. according to your own preferences, and wait for the collagen to ferment Use it after a while for better results!

2. Tear it into small pieces, and then stick it on the face piece by piece. After sticking the mask, add a piece of mask paper on the face, and the seaweed will not fall off.

3. After about 20 to 25 minutes, see if it is almost done, then you can tear it down! Then wash your face with water, apply moisturizer, and you will see a fair and clean face! ~ Tips for using seaweed: 1. Use facial cleanser to clean the face before applying the mask, and then rinse with water after applying the mask. 2. Before applying seaweed, you should pat your face dry, as seaweed tends to slide down when there is water on your face. 3. Seaweed is easy to use with warm water, and the collagen is fast and abundant, and it is economical and easy to use. Such as adding a little aloe vera juice and fresh milk. Oil skin can add a little honey and egg white, dry skin can add a little egg yolk.

4. After applying the seaweed, add some water to adjust, it can return to the state of sub-adjustment, and there is not a lot of bone glue, which can be used to apply on hands, neck and feet. 5. After applying, please rub a little cream to lock the water. It is equal to white filling.

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