LUODAIS- Fragrant hair spray

LUODAIS  Lourdes Hydrei Perfume Spray A Spray Soft Care Honey-Free Haircare


Content: 220ml

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Product introduction: Rose natural essential oil ingredients. The shimmering factor of jojoba grease is suitable for all kinds of hair types, shiny hair, smooth and rough hair, can make dull hair more shiny, regenerate vitality, lasting soft and bright, the ultimate charming light and shadow beauty. Ingredients: Deionized water propylene glycol, rose essential oil, oxygen-based silicone oil, water-soluble silicone oil, polyquaternium-4, vitamin B5, essence, methyl chloride isothiazolinone/methyl isothiazolinone.

Improving repair of hair-stained and damaged care after hot care

Wash-free conditioner

How to use: If the hair is in a dry or semi-dry state, take a proper amount of this product to the hairline and comb and style.

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