Shampoo(Yellow Out Shampoo)

KOBO De-yellow shampoo to save fading and yellowing after bleaching and dyeing 750ML-(12/Box-$130)



KOBO silver gray shampoo is specially designed for blonde and gray hair. While mildly cleansing, the de-yellowing ingredients in the formula can neutralize the warm and disturbing brass color and bring highlights to the hair. No yellow is rich The dark purple shampoo, which is a hedge against dark purple and yellow pigments, can remove the natural yellow pigments from the hair and let the hair fade and turn yellow after bleaching and dyeing. De-yellow shampoo is more suitable for bleaching and dyeing hair colors, especially hair colors such as golden, gray, green, white, etc. If it is used on hair colors that are bleached above 8 degrees, the yellowing effect will be more obvious. If your bleaching and dyeing is only to 5 degrees, after using the yellowing shampoo, it will also have the yellowing effect (the hair color will become reddish brown), but do not expect to wash out a matte gray; if you use it on unbleached hair To yellow shampoo, the effect may not be obvious.

Suitable for hair bleached to 8 degrees and above According to the different hair quality, and the time of use, the yellowing effect can be roughly divided into: blonde hair is washed into light golden and white gold; gray hair is washed into light gray or gray; white hair remains white without yellowing. Maintain hair color and refuse to bleach and dye repeatedly After bleaching and dyeing the hair, it is easy to fade and turn yellow. Repeated bleaching and dyeing in the barber shop hurts money and hair. You need a bottle of KOBO de-yellow shampoo, only need to wash 1-2 times a week to easily maintain delicate light hair color, which is the gospel for bleaching and dyeing lovers. The operation is simple, just like ordinary shampooing, rub and foam on the hair evenly, and stay for 3-15 minutes depending on the degree of bleaching.

1. Use after bleaching Hair bleached to 8 degrees and above, the hair scales appear golden yellow. At this time, you need to use a yellowing shampoo to remove the yellow pigment to make the hair color change lighter, and subsequent dyeing can be more pure.

2. Use when the hair enters the fading and yellowing period After bleaching and dyeing, the hair will quickly fade in a week or so. Use the yellowing shampoo 1-2 times a week to maintain the hair color for a long time and refuse the embarrassing period of “killing matt yellow”. Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and apply it to damp hair and rub it gently until foaming, then rinse off with water. If it gets into your eyes accidentally, please rinse with clean water immediately.

Capacity: 750ML

Packing: 12/Box-$130($12 Per Bottle,Buy 12 Get 2 Free)

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