Conditioner(Moisture Repair Conditioner)

KOBO Moisture Repair Conditioner-750ML(12/box-$165)


KOBO Moisturizing Conditioner provides essential moisturizing for dry and severely damaged hair The unique formula is rich in antioxidant argan oil and protein complex, which can effectively soften hair, rebuild hair fiber and lock moisture, maintain elasticity, and damage hair after strong degreasing. Multiple hairline amino acids are supplemented from the root Hair loss of protein, a variety of repairing ingredients, deep into the inner core of the hair repair, smooth the damaged hair and strong hair, leaving hair shiny and lasting fragrance. After shampooing, take a proper amount of conditioner and apply it to the wet hair, massage it gently and rinse it off with water. Daily use has the best effect.

If it gets into the eyes accidentally, please rinse it off with water immediately

Suitable for hair: normal hair, damaged hair

Efficacy: deep repair

Packing: 12/box-$165

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