Keratin Care Perm

Keratin Care Perm(care straightening, perm dye repair, repair frizz)



Hair core reorganization operation process

1. Use-hair cleanser (agent 1) to thoroughly clean your hair; 2. For natural curly hair (agent 0), stay for 25 minutes and rinse thoroughly

2. Wipe the hair with a towel until it is not dripping, and then distribute the pieces in partitions (it is recommended not to divide too thick, the divided hair pieces are a thin layer), and then a thin layer evenly on the divided hair pieces Smear-hair core phytoactivator (agent 2), after all the hair pieces are applied, wrap them in plastic wrap, leave them for 15 to 25 minutes (25 minutes for waxing), and dry them naturally with a blower, no need to roll Comb belt.

3. Heat with an electric splint after drying, extremely damaged hair: temperature 150-180°; moderately damaged hair: temperature 180°-200°; mildly damaged hair (healthy hair): temperature 200° —220°; divide the thin hair clip about 6 times. (The first three times are fast and the last three times are slowed down), after the splint is clamped or the curling iron is operated, let cool air for two minutes

4. After rinsing the hair (no shampoo is needed), use-enzyme conditioning cream (agent 3), massage on the hair for 2 to 3 minutes, rinse and blow dry; Note: In order to leave guests with a real sense of effect, you don’t need to styling when drying, just simply blow-dry. After drying, you can let the guests comb the hair by hand, feel the effect of the product, and then perform the styling according to the needs of the guests. , When washing your hair at home, be sure to use moisturizing acid shampoo and conditioning cream together for a longer-lasting effect.

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