Hot Massage Stone Heater[6Q]

6 Quart Hot Massage Stone Heater Spa Salon Warmer Heating Device Volcanic Energy Stone Heater, Warmer Heater



About This Item:

The stone heater is capable of heating the spa massage stones to the right temperature for skin. Accelerate blood circulation, dredge , activate cells, detoxify and nourish the skin, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, balance body and mind, delay aging. With 6-quart capacity, you can enjoy a comfortable massage. Equipped with a lid and a spoon, effectively prevent heat loss.

1. Constant temperature heating, no need to worry about the temperature being too high.
2. Double layer pan, prevents stones from damaging the heater and avoid burning your hands.
3. The inner pan can be removed, easy to clean, durable for long time use.
4. Automatic power-off function, when the water temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the stone heater will no longer heat water, but maintain the original temperature.
5. Suitable for professional beauty salons use and home health care.
6. Equipped with a lid and a spoon, convenient to stir, effectively prevent heat loss.
7. Convenient temperature control, 100 degree boiling water sterilization.
8. Accelerate blood circulation, dredge , activate cells, detoxify and nourish the skin, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, balance body and mind, delay aging.

Direction for Use:
1. Put the hot stone in heater and add water until the hot stone is completely submerged. (Adding hot water directly can shorten the heating time)
2. Plug in the power switch, when heating, adjust the temperature control knob to the preheating position firstly, it can quickly heat the water to 65 degrees(the whole process of preheating takes about 15 minutes, warm water can shorten the time).
3. Immediately after the water temperature reaches 60 degrees, turn the knob to the temperature control range. Pay attention to the water temperature until it is stable at 55 degrees.
Heating at this temperature is continued for ten minutes to ensure that the heat is sufficiently absorbed by hot stone.
4. To avoid burns: the temperature of hot stone should not exceed 60 degrees, the average person’s skin can only withstand 55 degrees)

1. When adding water to the heating pot, the water level should not be too high, not too close to the edge of pot, prevent the water from overflowing when the hot stone is released.
2. The lid should be lightly handled to prevent cracking and breaking.
3. After the heating pot power indicator light is automatically turned off, the hot stone that needs to be used can be taken out from the pot, wipe the water off the stone with a towel and placed it on towel until it is cooled to be suitable for the massage.Constant temperature heating, the stone heater will no longer heat water, when the water temperature reaches the predetermined temperature

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