Foot bath[FY-9022]

Oak foot massage barrel-including steam and foot massage




Made of solid cedar wood, Wrapped with iron sheet to improve durability and reliability Seamlessly coordinate with the beautiful tub Used to rinse the warm water in the bucket onto the legs to provide a complete relaxation experience

Total height: 63 inches

Overall width: 41 inches

Maintenance tips: After each use, wipe clean with hot water and neutral soap to ensure that the cleaning effect is lasting. Never apply harsh chemicals to wood. This item is designed for general use. In order to maintain proper moisture content, especially in dry climates, it is recommended to rinse every two weeks to prevent wood from cracking and splitting. Do not use or store in direct sunlight or near a fireplace Why use wooden barrels for foot bath? Soaking feet can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, promote blood circulation, sterilize and detoxify, etc. We have seen wooden barrels used to soak feet in health care centers, and we rarely see foot soak basins of other materials.

Why use wooden barrels for foot bathing?

Let’s take a look.

1. Why use wooden barrels for foot bathing The material of the wooden barrel has the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, which can play a very obvious therapeutic effect on some lesions. This is incomparable to any other foot bath. Compared with the electric heating foot bath, the wooden barrel is less expensive and durable. If the use and preservation methods are proper, a wooden barrel with the upper quality can be used continuously for more than ten years. But it is economical and affordable;

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