Facial mask powder (aloe ice mask)

Aloe ice film soft film powder (aloe vera hydrates, solves dry and dangerous muscles)-1000ml



Efficacy: Suitable for dry, oily, dehydrated skin, supplements the skin with the nutrients needed, improves dry skin, prevents skin moisture loss, restores the skin’s youthful and beautiful texture, restores the skin’s moisture and luster, and makes the skin plump and fine Slippery and elastic.

Ingredients: starch dextrin. Diatomaceous earth, sodium alginate, propylene glycol, glycerin, glucose, aloe extract, flavor.


  • 1. Please use purified water, distilled water or a special blended mask. Tap water and mineral water containing metal ions and minerals may damage the mask and produce particles.
  • 2. Before applying the mask, apply proper toner, essence water, essential oil, etc. on the face to help strengthen absorption.
  • 3. When using the mask, the room temperature should be around 25’C. If the temperature is too low in winter, the curing time of the mask will be prolonged, and if the temperature is too high in summer, the curing time of the mask will be shortened.
  • 4. After use, please seal the mouth of the bag to prevent the mask from absorbing moisture in the air and damp, affecting the mask’s solidification.
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