Krill oil hair follicle essence [KRILL OIL]-anti-hair loss

Krill Oil Hair Follicle Essence Anti-hair Loss Replenishes nutrients to scalp hair follicles, prevents hair loss, treats thinning hair, and promotes healthy and thick hair growth



Hair loss can be avoided by insisting on scalp care@Krill Oil Hair Follicle Essence. The scalp is the fastest aging part of the body. Frequent working overtime or staying up late can easily cause the scalp to become tight, oily and hair loss worsens. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp@Krill Oil Hair follicle essence comes from pure natural krill oil, which is composed of activated cells in the cell membrane, promotes hair follicle metabolism and improves circulation. It does not add any hormones. Its main effect is to promote hair growth and prevent hair follicles from being blocked.

Instructions for use: When your hair is dry before shampooing, apply an appropriate amount of krill oil hair follicle essence to the scalp and hair top, massage the scalp gently, wait for 15-20 minutes, and then wash your hair normally with mild shampoo. It is recommended to at least Best results have been achieved the first time.

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